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Been looking for an interesting contest and finally found one! :happybounce:

:iconxoxokymmi: is having this huge contest, feel free to join if you're up to it.

Link to contest is here:…

Good Luck!
Bleach OC: Mikoto Shuu, Moka Shunko by Rashie-kun
Bleach OC: Mikoto Shuu, Moka Shunko
Mōka Shunkō (猛火 瞬閧, Conflagration Flash War Cry): After undergoing very intense training, Shuu has become capable of using an element inclusive variation of the Hakuda/Kidō hybrid technique, Shunkō. His personal variation, Mōka Shunkō, not only enhances his Hakuda offensives with the aid of his Reiryoku, but it also grants him a degree of control over the flames conjured by the technique and driven throughout and around his being. Mōka Shunkō is largely a reflection of Shuu's impulsive and aggressive side, which sharply contradicts and is more than often hidden by his calm, soft-spoken, forethoughtful, and fluid personality and, likewise, favored fighting-style. It is meant to be ferociously aggressive, loud, and wild. It relies heavily on Shuu's brute strength and the added respect-demanding aggression of Kidō-based pyrokinesis.

In Mōka Shunkō, Shuu's emitted Reiryoku takes the form of vibrant and roaring orange-red flames that swirl around Shuu's body and limbs. Because the default chaotic motive of the flames, it is hard to predict where Shuu's attacks will come from. As with the traditional Shunkō, activation of the technique will rip any clothing on Shuu's arms or back.

Limited Fire Manipulation: The extent of elemental control Mōka Shunkō grants Shuu does not reach beyond allowing Shuu to release sudden bursts of flames and granting his Hakuda attacks more force and potentially a burning effect. He can't manipulate already present flames. He can't breath fire. Or generate the flames through any other means other than Mōka Shunkō.

Lack of Defense: Perhaps one of Mōka Shunkō's greatest combat weaknesses is it's confrontational nature. Due to it's aggression and the purpose of its design, "complete dominance through overwhelming brute force and aggression", Mōka Shunkō completely lacks a convenient defensive formation, which can place Shuu in a state of vulnerability, especially if subdued. Nonetheless, it's offensive capabilities do help to keep enemies at a distance.

Potentially handicapping endurance strain: On top of exerting stamina to maintain a continuous onslaught, conjuring flames through Mōka Shunkō also demands a great deal of endurance. Because of this, it is dangerous to use the technique for long periods of time. After using the technique Shuu will also feel a degree of fatigue, which makes Mōka Shunkō extremely risky to use, particularly against opponents who can either stay out of the reach of Shuu's ranged attacks or those who can sustain them. It is also because the amount of stamina it drains that Shuu can only use it for short periods of time.


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asdfghjkl~!!!! So much information~!!
Been looking for an interesting contest and finally found one! :happybounce:

:iconxoxokymmi: is having this huge contest, feel free to join if you're up to it.

Link to contest is here:…

Good Luck!

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